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Animal Healing


Animal Intuitive Course

"The animal communication course I took with Rita was life changing. I have always felt connected with animals and wanted to communicate with them desperately. I learned how to communicate effectively in this class. But, I think what opened my channel up the most was the safe, non-judgemental space Rita provided for us. This space helped me let go of preconceived thoughts and my own personal judgements and simply open up to communication. I was able to successfully communicate and it filled my heart with such joy. Rita’s loving energy helped all of us succeed in our efforts. I loved being in this class and would highly recommend it to others."

- Cynthia W.

"This course far exceeded my expectations as I wasn't sure what to expect my first time out! It was fully immersive. Rita set the framework for the communications beautifully and her immediate trust in our abilities made jumping right in feel safe. There was a ton of validation and encouragement throughout the course with many real life examples from Rita to learn from. I have to admit I am still feeling amazed by the whole day. I will look forward to more classes in the future and would highly recommend this for anyone who feels called to this work."

- Sarah K.

"Rita's animal communication workshop was amazing! I had no idea what treat I had signed up for when first entering Rita's workshop! Rita held a safe space for us to feel comfortable and ask questions as needed. It's amazing how intuitive we all are, if we allow ourselves to be, and Rita helped to bring that out in all of us. I highly recommend this workshop for any one interested in animals or learning about their intuition further. This was a fantastic workshop."

- Ashley L. 

"I recently had an opportunity to take Rita’s Introduction to Animal Intuition Course and by the end of the day I had read over four animals from the owners in the room. In the course, we all read from a picture of an animal with no previous knowledge of the owner or pet's issue and each owner was able to validate our readings. I believe we are all able to connect with our pets on a deeper level and Rita’s course will help you achieve that. A very helpful course!"

- Tanya 

Animal Intuitive Reading 

"We had contacted Rita to do a reading on our dog who had been experiencing various levels of anxiety since we got her. We had very little knowledge as to what was contributing to or pup’s anxiety, even after speaking to several trainers and the vet. Rita was able to look back to her birthing experience and shed some light on why our little pup was experiencing so much anxiety today. From there we were able to provide our dog with the right support to help bring her anxiety down. Rita’s intuitive readings have been an invaluable resource for us and our dog. If you are experiencing an animal that is not functioning at its very best, I would highly recommend speaking to Rita to get to the real root of the problem."

- Tanya 

"We cannot thank you enough for helping with our cat. I knew she was sick, and I knew she was trying to tell us. What I did not know was that she was also trying to tell me I was sick. She was able to communicate with you that she was having problems breathing and had a bad tooth, but that she was happy and loved us. She also told you that she and I had to play more (and I had to see a doctor). Both of us are on the road to recovery, and we play every day. There is a gentle peace of mind now between us; she knows I understand what she needs and feels, and I know she is happy. And all three of us are happy that our old dog’s spirit is content to visit us on occasion simply because he is happy to do so."

- Jennifer D.

"Rita did a reading for us with a crow we rescued. It was incredible. When she related to us what the bird told her, it was completely parallel to what we were experiencing with him. Even my partner, who had been quite skeptical, incredulously agreed with what she had to say and the insight she gave us was extremely helpful in his treatment. I would DEFINETELY recommend her for animal communication. I've seen her work with other animals too and correctly diagnose what vets. Her skills in animal communication are truly outstanding!"

- Karai M.